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The “Bird Strike Management System” developed by Bird Control Italy Srl is customised for each individual airport. The program can be found on our network at
Each BCU operator supplies information to the database. Consequently the software system is a modern tool to manage, store and consult the bird strike monitoring forms and bird strike reporting forms.

The Bird Strike Management System:
- Assigns a risk assessment of the presence of birds by species, quantity and location.
- Creates a table of number of fl ghts and birdstrikes (Risk indicator).
- Saves and prints reports on wildlife presence and location.
- Assigns two access levels (administrator or operator).
- Daily backup of the data.
- Monthly and Annual Reports.
- and many other features which are very helpful for the Safety Management of Airports.

This system provides the possibility of extracting information from the database regarding birdstrikes that have occurred during the year, in the form required by the ICAO, ready to be transmitted to IBIS – ICAO Bird Strike Information System.

Bird Control Italy will annually supply you with all of your data collected in Excel format. Our software has been integrated with a special application which we have personally developed in the Android system and can be used with the latest type of tablet PC. Due to its high resolution camera and integrated GPS, the Bird Control Unit is able to monitor and record with extreme precision all of the preventative actions that have been taken in the airside airport area. Furthermore, the data of each report is instantly sent to the main server of our Bird Strike Management Software System, where the Safety Manager of the Airport can immediately have the statistics and be able to analyse the situation both monthly and annually; and if necessary (e.g. in the case of a wildlife strike) be able to demonstrate all of the preventative actions taken in the previous 12 months to avoid wildlife strikes. Recently to create a database and to register all preventative actions taken by Airport Managers we have created a software programme online using a Tablet PC, which enables the operator to fi ll in Check Lists and Audits. This software is based on various modules regarding safety in general but can also be applied to various areas e.g. Manoeuvring, Maintenance, Planning and Safety Management. Moreover we are also working on dispersal systems which interact with the Control Rooms and through our software system signal and register the correct functionality of the apparatus.

Screenshots of Bird Strike Management System Android App version


Product Code Description:
* Cod. 001 Bird Strike Management System License Software for one year
* Cod. 018 Wildlife Monitor App for one year

Control Safety Duties (CSD) software   

The application software Control Safety Duties (CSD) ( is intended for the management aspects of airports safety. The software is developed by web technology according to a modular approach and supports the ability to feed their own database on mobile devices such as the latest generation of Tablets PC and smartphones. To provide maximum fl exibility for the system users, the software was designed following an approach to the modules that can be turned on or tailored to the specifi c needs of the managing entity.
The practicality of the system “on line” allows the consultation on the Internet with access protected by login and password. The convenience of the mobile device allows you to fi ll out the checklist and make auditing without the use of paper. The up to date sending of data over the network can communicate in real time any anomalies with attached photos and geo-referenced location using GPS or recorded with tags attesting the fact that a data collector has visited the site.

Product Code Description:
* Cod. 003 Control Safety Duties License Software for one year
* Cod. 019 Control Safety Duties App for one year