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veicular distress call   

AirportSafety Srl operates in civil and military airports using bioacoustic techniques to emit bird calls of danger and distress which have been recorded. We use digital sounds, the various bird species emit characteristic sounds signalling situations of alarm. The vehicles are equipped with devices for the emission of distress calls. The frequency used does not effect any other equipment in use in aerodromes.

Product Code Description:
* Cod. 006 Vehicular Bird Dispersal Devices (50W x 2) with display control + loadspeakers
* Cod. 006A Vehicular Bird Dispersal Devices (50W x 2) with Tablet PC control + bluetooth + loadspeakers
* Cod. 010 Long Range Distress Call 139 dB @ mt with Tablet PC control or display + bluetooth +

airport security 2013 distress call   

Controlled system with LCD display and push button controls and with digital keypad that activates the tracks, or adjust the volume, the display shows the names of birds selected, the console is positioned on the vehicle's dashboard.
The system at power requires some time for loading on PC Raspberry buttons are easy to use, at the end of the song that is required to activate the default duration Stop and then Play to play the track again (the same or new).

Specifications Amplifier:
* Connection for speaker and power supply with external connector anti – vibration
* Power supply: DC 12 Vl
* Output Power: 40 Watts RMS, 50 Watts, operating distance of 400 mt