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Airportsafety ha realizzato il progetto “WILDLIFE&PLANTS MONITORING” finalizzato alla realizzazione di uno strumento di rilevazione basato su dispositivi mobili (smartphone e tablet)  per le attività di rilevamento in ambito faunistico e biologico, tramite l’attivazione di una consulenza specializzata da parte dell’azienda Magenta srl per servizi di consulenza per innovazione di prodotto. Il progetto è stato cofinanziato dal POR CREO 2014 – 2020 nell’ambito del Bando Microinnovazione.

The AirportSafety S.r.l.  is a company founded in 2013 specializing in Airport Safety with a focus on wildlife strike. AirportSafety Company designs, develops and manufactures devices designed to prevent damage and reduce
risk caused by animals mainly in the airport with airplanes, or in urban, agricultural and commercial.
All devices produced by AirportSafety Srl are made with the latest generation of electronic components and have a highly competitive cost. Thanks to a very good knowledge in computer science, the AirportSafety Srl has also developed software highly professional and specialized in remote control of the devices themselves and programs dedicated specifically to the Airport Bird Control Unit or Safety. All software are designed to communicate with special applications developed for the Android environment and be used with all models of smartphones and tablet pc latest generation of the airport operator providing powerful and effective tools.